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When you hear "Non-traditional" career, it generally applies to careers your gender (boy or girl) does not "traditionally" go into. For girls these broad areas involve technology, trades such as construction and welding, and public services such as police and fire. For boys the areas involve early childhood education such as elementary school teachers, and healthcare careers in the field of nursing. There are many advantages to non-traditional careers, such as the ability to stand out in a field of applicants, and the fact that non-trad careers often pay exceptionally well!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Excellence in Education

Technology teacher Don Domes (right). Photo by Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian

Hillsboro High School's technology teacher Don Domes was recently selected as a finalist in the OnPoint Excellence in Education contest. Here's what parents Sheryl and Curt Loberger had to say in their nomination letter:

“Mr. Domes is like the energizer bunny. After 30 years of teaching he is still going strong with new and fresh ideas to keep the students motivated and learning. As technology is constantly improving so is Mr. Domes, his Technology department, and his teaching skills. Mr. Domes takes pride in his program and has made it one of the best in the state. He knows each student is an individual and helps develop each of them to become self-sufficient in the real world. He is a teacher who believes in hands-on training for his kids as they build, create, and solve various problems.”

The award comes with a $1500 cash prize for Mr. Domes and a matching $1500 prize for HilHi.

This is not the first time Mr. Domes has been acknowledged for his extraordinary work: In 2004 he received the Software Association of Oregon Foundation's Oregon Technology Educator of Year award.

Congratulations to Mr. Domes, a great example of the enthusiastic and knowledgeable CTE educators making a big difference in our local schools.

Extra Credit:
Hillsboro Robotics Teacher Learns Along With Students

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