What Is A Non-Traditional Career?

When you hear "Non-traditional" career, it generally applies to careers your gender (boy or girl) does not "traditionally" go into. For girls these broad areas involve technology, trades such as construction and welding, and public services such as police and fire. For boys the areas involve early childhood education such as elementary school teachers, and healthcare careers in the field of nursing. There are many advantages to non-traditional careers, such as the ability to stand out in a field of applicants, and the fact that non-trad careers often pay exceptionally well!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

PCC Video Contest Winners!

Hi all,

As we head into summer we at PCC just want to give a shout out to all the high schools who participated in our non-traditional outreach program this Spring. As part of the program, we held a video contest for students to work on finding their "voice" and to explore their career of choice. We gave the students tech packs, categories of video, and some guidance, and let them have at it!

Here are the winners!

Winning Team: Savannah and Ashley
School: Hillsboro High School
Mentor: Don Domes

Winning Team: Cristina, Abby, Samantha
School: Century High School
Mentor: Trudy Botham, Scott Kellar

Winning Team: Danielle, Michelle, Sheilly, Kassandra, Tony
School: Merlo High School
Mentor: Matt Loughner

CONGRATULATIONS to the winning students! We applaud your efforts and look forward to seeing everyone again this Fall!

Have a fantastic summer!

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